In ancient times, the shepherds elaborated their cheese directly within the sheepfold, using rudimentary “gadgets”: the pleitas, which were strips of braided esparto and were used to press and shape the cheese, the exquisitely hand carved wooden flowers and the stones that were used as presses, the entremiso or cheese shelf that served as work board, the maw of the sacrificed animals that was used to curdle the milk and an endless number of vessels and containers which constituted the small “industry” of each shepherd and for which, finally, the small Manchego town of Villamayor de Santiago should become known.

Julian Sanabria, descendant of shepherds, grew up next to his father, living the profession very closely, observing each step and feeling the passion with which his father invested himself in it . For this reason, he decided to take over and maintain the stockbreeder tradition, although later he would abandon it to dedicate himself fully to what fascinated him the most, cheese.


Now, almost forty years have passed since he started his cheese making, even though, certainly with a more advanced infrastructure, offering greater sanitary guarantees. But there is something that has not changed, the good practice, the professionalism and the care that Julián Sanabria puts in his making traditional cheese, just as did his father.


Quesos Sanabria is a family business, committed to giving the best quality to its products and the best care of its customers, exhaustive at the time of milk purchasing and committed to the demands of the professional. For this reason, in 2002, with the support and collaboration of all its staff, a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 standard was implemented.

Our product range is very broad and selected, with the new incorporation of low sodium and low fat cheeses. Further we offer modern formats, such as vacuum-packed wedges and sliced cheese trays, constantly adapting to new consumer demands.

Our cheese factory is installed in the new industrial park of Villamayor de Santiago.


Here different photos are shown of the manufacturing processes and the facilities of our Manchego cheese factory.